Vegan Travel

As vegans, we know how hard and annoying it can be not knowing what to expect when you visit foreign countries. Most of the bigger cities, like Zagreb, have their fair share of exclusive vegan or vegetarian restaurants. However, many places across the country still fail to meet even the basic vegan needs, when it comes down to menu variety. Also, many travel agencies may look down upon your requests for vegan dishes, making you feel unnecessarily uncomfortable.
That’s why we’ve decided to bring you the ultimate vegan experience in Croatia. We’ve partnered up with many local restaurants and enthusiastic chefs, and we are proud to offer a wide variety of exclusive all-vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free meals.


We’ve adopted many traditional, popular Croatian meals, that are vegan by nature (such as ajvar and other savoury and sweet spreads, excellent as a snack, palačinke, pita krumpiruša & zeljanica, blitva with potatoes, various soups and sauces…). But we’ve also taken many traditional non-vegan meals and made them using all-vegan (or vegetarian) components (such as plant based lički šnicli, sarma with walnuts, stuffed peppers with soy and vegetables…) We also offer many other vegan meals (burgers, tortillas, wraps, pizzas…) made by local restaurants and vegan enthusiasts.

If you choose to have a vegan (vegetarian or gluten-free) tour, rest assured that you won’t stay hungry, and that your wishes and life choices will be respected. We encourage you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, where you will find many recipes for Croatian vegan meals, as well as tips on how and where to eat good vegan food. You can get a taste for what’s in store for you bellow J If you choose to have a snack on our tours, we offer a Croshka box of various delicious vegan or vegetarian snacks!